Another Man

Written by John Jackson

The night is young, the champagne is bubbling, here’s to the long view

The room’s aglow; the candles are flickering, on and off

As we talk, we reminisce of good old days, sublime, to pass the time

But as we dance, your eyes cannot meet my gaze, head held down

Another man might stay the course, another man might fight remorse

Another man might accept this decree

Another man might persevere for year after year, but not me

The meal is served, but I cannot taste it, no flavor to savor

Another glass, I don’t want to waste it, I need to wash it down

Another man might be denied, another man might swallow pride

Another man might remain a devotee

Another man might find a way to deal day-to-day, but not me

Yes, another man may be just what you need

Another man well-equipped to succeed

Who never complains when he hands you the reins

And is more than obliged to concede


Another man might stand a chance if that other man won’t take a stance

His simple plan is to wait endlessly

But I doubt a man can last that long

He will see that he’s been wrong like me, just like me

The night is old, lights out and voices fade

Still, so still

©2016 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.