Written by John Jackson

I am just an object, floating in your multi-color world

I am just an icon, moving in the background to and fro

I am just a process, acting like I’m working on my own

I am just a service, giving out for nothing in return

And you will never know, ‘cause I will never show

Unless you pull the camouflage off me

Know me from the scenery

You’ll stare and wonder where I’ve been

Establish my identity, my individuality

Compare, I won’t ask again

Unfair, I know you’ll always win


Following the footsteps, in pursuit and never far behind

Leaving only traces, barely visible to naked eyes

Lurking in the shadows, the desperation of the quiet life

Hiding in the darkness, longing for a single shining light

And you will never know, ’cause I will never show

©2012 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.