Double Shame

Written by John Jackson

I know I need to calm down, I know

I have no right to place all of the blame on you, I know

You never made the promises

That I still believed would be kept

It’s just making everything harder for me to accept

The first time I thought it was a momentary lapse

The second time I walked away

Now I could kick myself for giving you a third chance

A double shame, a double shame on me

This can’t be called infidelity, I know

You can’t be held to implied expectations, I know, I know

You never looked me in the eye

That should have been my first clue

I wish it would’ve been the last thing I’d misconstrue


No one else has a conscience so clear, no guilt to set aside

What does it matter if I’m left without an ounce of my pride?

Now I’ve been told that you live and learn

Don’t make the same mistake

Well I guess it’s true that I can be hardheaded

I believed in you

©2016 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.