Down To Your Level

Written by John Jackson

You search and

You discover

Who can take the blame



Victims of your frame

There’s no way out (no way out)

So easy to lure them in

The only thing that sticks to you is your story

Yes I think I’ve learned that lesson

And it’s something I’ll never do

I won’t rise up by sinking down to your level

You won’t prevail ‘cause you’ve made a pact with the devil

You cut and

You copy

And then you delete

They’re trusting

So unwitting

Mission complete

You “prove your worth” (prove your worth)

Giving birth to their ideas

Sit back and watch while they take the path to ruin

Fast-track to their demise

Purge the truth and spread the lies, and more lies

I won’t rise up by sinking down to your level

I won’t lose sleep ‘cause I know the source of your revel

How firm is your foundation?

You’ll step in cracks

The faults of your design

It won’t take long ‘til they see you

Cover your tracks

While you toe the line

They won’t be far behind

Reputation gone

But you’ll keep holding on, holding on

You won’t come back, you’ll be staying down at your level

You won’t have time, ‘cause you’ll have a date with the devil

And I’ll move up (standing up, rising up, moving up, moving out)

And I’ll step up (lifting up, pushing up, stepping up, stepping out)

I’ll be talking smack ‘cause I never sank to your level,

I’ll be riding high, and I’ll have a reason to revel!

©2016 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.