Eyes On My Soul

Written by John Jackson

So many nights, a single dream

After you had fallen prey to his scheme

You would slowly grow disenchanted

And realize he’s taking you for granted

To my surprise, that dream came true

So I planned to make a grand debut

I set out to win your trust and respect

Nothing less than you’ve a right to expect

When the night grew still and you turned to me

I was struck by the wonder, such compelling intensity

You made me feel like a leading man

When yours was the starring role

It was a case of sheer exhilaration

Above my original goal

There was a love beyond command

And a passion beyond control

When you looked at me

I felt your eyes on my soul

When our choices took us far apart

I stored the feelings in the back of my heart

Years passed, and I began to question

Was it more than just a permanent impression?

Then the answer came quite by chance

Brought together by the circumstance

All I’d hoped for was some lingering affection

Would there be any trace of our connection?

Then the music stopped, and I met your gaze

Instantly it hit me, and my senses were all ablaze


Oh I think you really know me

Oh I think you understand me

I don’t have to say a single word

You see me as I really am

Though our destinies have made us friends

You’ll always have this power that transcends

I’m looking forward to seeing you again

It won’t matter how long it’s been

©2012 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.