Finally Catching On

Written by John Jackson

She smiled at me and never looked away

With shining eyes a message to convey

I never dreamed I’d ever see the signs

So black and white to read between the lines

The time has come to act without delay

I’ve got to stop myself from weighing

Every pro and con

Accepting false conclusions drawn

No more waiting ‘til the chance has gone

I’m finally catching on

Opportunity has loudly knocked

I can’t believe the door’s been left unlocked

They say that hesitation makes you lost

Too much precaution is not worth the cost

Sometimes I let my head get in the way

I’ve got to stop deliberating

Oh she, she’s turned to me

I’ll never know the how or the why

And she, she’s made me see

I must step up to the plate

And give impulse a try

Then she reached and took me by the hand

And now I think I understand…

We learn from our mistakes, but leave the past behind

We move on, but keep an open mind, too

I’ll focus on my hope and overwhelm the fear

And make all my doubt disappear

For every pro and con

I’m rejecting the conclusions drawn,

And I’m not waiting ‘til the chance has gone

I’m finally catching on

Objections have been all withdrawn

I’m finally catching on

©2012 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.