If The Shoe Fits

Written by John Jackson and Dave Sieracki

I don’t know what it was that made me take a chance on you

Could have been the little things that led me to follow through

So I opened my lonely heart and hoped a simple dream could come true

But fools never see it coming

They’re easy victims of a narrow view


If the shoe fits, wear it

Don’t tell me more lies, don’t fake it

You know the truth hurts, I’m better off alone

Well if the shoe fits, wear it

Don’t think that I will understand it

Just say your goodbyes, I’ll make it on my own

I’m on my own

Oh, if I had only known

When you left in the early dawn, and came back late every night

I was living in darkness, didn’t know if I should reach for the light

You said all the right words, I guess that’s just being polite

But fools have a problem listening

They only hear it if it sounds alright

You know that it’s inevitable

You know you’ll have to pay for the crime

Soon you’re gonna be out of excuses

The end of the line is just a matter of time

I don’t know what it was that made me take a chance on you

I should have noticed the big things, and I never should have followed through

So I’m mending my broken heart and waiting ‘til I’m over you

But fools never learn their lesson

They think it’s different when it’s someone new

©2012 Small Kings Music.  All rights reserved.