Making Plans

Written by John Jackson

Well, hello there, now where do you think you’re going?

I haven’t been gone long enough to be forgotten, and I’ve got something to say

I had freedom; I’d come and go as I pleased, yeah

But every time that I stared into my empty glass, I’d only reflect on you

We’d been down a long, long road

The twists and turns had turned me ’round, and served to confound any moments of clarity

(So) I was certain, to leave was my only option

I never thought it would alter my perspective, with just a change of scenery

I was searchin’, hoping to find a direction

But north and south and east and west were all the same, they led me back to you

The seeds had long been sown

I had no choice but to cultivate, at an increased rate, the place inside my heart where your love grows

My love for you has no rhymes and no reasons

It endures through the changes of the seasons

And I’m out of excuses for not making plans with you

It’s been a long, long road

But it finally got me here to stay, I’m not going away

And now I’ve got my heart out on my sleeve

I understand that you have doubts

But understand our love is in my words and in my deeds

In my hopes and in my dreams

In my thoughts each night and day, yeah


No more excuses, I wanna making plans with you

I’m looking ahead, I’m looking ahead

I’ll find a job, make a good living

Buy a house, you can move in

I’ll follow through on the plans that I make with you, yeah

Coming from me, it may seem scary

But you’re the girl that I wanna marry

Let’s make plans!

©2016 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.