Sadly Mistaken

Written by John Jackson

I remember when I called your name

And you seemed so excited

Nothing else has ever felt the same

Since our passion ignited

But there’s a distance that’s greater than miles

And you’re driving us further apart

As if you planned it right from the start


If you don’t think I know

You’re sadly mistaken

It came as quite a blow

When my heart was forsaken

I haven’t let it show

But I’m learning to let go

I remember when I heard your voice

And the fire blazed inside me

Never thought I’d have to make a choice

I let the flames burn so brightly

But there’s a chasm growing far and wide

And I can’t find a bridge I can cross

Is our love an acceptable loss?

I know I shouldn’t care, and I may never understand

But I want to, I still want you

Was it something that I did, or simply not the right time?

I hope you have something to say

Before we’re finished with turning away

©2012 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.