She’s Not In Your League

Written by John Jackson

I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve to ask me

Why I’m spending time with her

You gave up any right you ever had to question

I won’t go back to the way things were

It’s been a blessing in disguise

I’ve found an angel in her eyes

She’s got that soothing smile

She’s got that gentle kiss

She’s hot!

Well I never thought with you I’d ever have suspicions

But when I did I had to act

I hoped and I prayed it was only my imagination

But all those rumors became fact


Now I know where I went wrong

I finally found where I belong

She’s got that soothing smile

She’s got that gentle kiss

She’s hot!


Now she has lots of mystery

And a fair amount of intrigue

But when it comes to devious

She’s not in your league

Before you leave there’s one thing that I gotta know

Why’d you bother to track me down?

It’s not as if you don’t have other options

How’d you end up in this town?

Wait a minute, wait a minute, don’t even answer

I wouldn’t believe you anyway

I guess it’s hard for me to break old habits

I’m still learning not to listen to what you say

When I’m with her I can be strong

I wish she’d been there all along

She’s got that fresh-faced smile

She’s got that sweet, sweet kiss

She’s hot!

Just in case I’ve left it unclear

I won’t shed a single tear

When you’re gone, long gone

She’s got that loving smile

She’s got that passionate kiss

She’s hot!

©2012 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.