Take That Back

Written by John Jackson

You could have said “we’re incompatible, and we’re better off friends” or

“Our differences are irreconcilable, no way to make amends” or

“We realized we want bigger and better things, and that’ll never change” or

“We were afraid of what the future brings, together at close range”

I’d agree that all of the above were true

What possessed you to say that no man should cheat on you?

Oh, you’d better take that back

You should’ve left me the way you found me

You’d better take that back

You’d better issue an apology

I saw the news; you’re out on the town with him, they act so surprised

You like to schmooze and indulge your every whim, though ill-advised

A shot of you can be very hard to find where you don’t flaunt that smile

Your worldly view is a narrow frame of mind when you “assert that style”

That’s OK; I expect nothing less from you

But how could you say infidelity comes out of the blue?

There’s no such thing as embarrassing moments

There’s no such thing as bad publicity

For as long as you think their attention’s on you

I can deal with the short-term aggravation

But I’m warning you, restore my reputation

©2016 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.