The Influence

Written by John Jackson

I saw her today

Walking with him hand in hand

I saw the smile on her face

And it wasn’t at my command

Maybe love’s a game

But it’s gonna be a shame

If it ends too soon


If you have the influence

Tell her to try and make some sense of what she’s doing

And if you’re giving her advice

Please won’t you tell her to think twice about what she’s doing

I don’t like what she’s doing

She said she was mine

I thought she meant ‘til the end of time

Is she changing her mind?

Well, this won’t go down as a perfect crime

She said our love would last

But it’s ending all too fast

And I wanna slow down

I can’t help but feel that I’ve been used for a while

But I can’t help feeling that I can’t live without her smile

©2012 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.