You Forgot To Mention

Written by John Jackson

First I saw your silhouette, rounded curves of beauty

Then you stepped out of the shadows and the picture filled in nicely

I’d never been a believer in love at first sight

But you took my little spark and turned it into white light

You made me feel good, you made me feel right

You made me wanna be with you each and every night

So now that you have captured me and got my full attention

I’m noticing some little things that you forgot to mention

Tell me why you always carry ‘round that not-so-very-smartphone

And you always have to pick it up, even when the caller’s unknown

I know that jobs today are more than nine-to-five

But you always have it on, like you need it to just stay alive

I make you feel good, I make you feel right

So why can’t you turn it off when you’re with me at night

I’m certain that it’s nothing that’s beyond my comprehension

It’s probably just a little thing that you forgot to mention

Our dates are always restaurants, never long strolls in the park

You wear some glasses and a hat, and we always meet after dark

It’s as if you want to dress up in disguise

And I wonder why you’re always gone well before sunrise

You make me feel good, you make me feel right

So why can’t you be seen with me in broad daylight?

It fills me up with anger and a large amount of tension

Blame it on this little thing that you forgot to mention

I’m not the kind of man who questions a good thing

To scrutinize and nitpick causes my hands to wring

But before we can proceed, I think I’m gonna need the explanations why

So I know that we see eye to eye

How much longer will you put me off, I’m running out of patience

And lately I’ve been losing sleep, guided by my conscience

A simple conversation could go either way

And judging by your actions, I have no idea what you’ll say

It used to feel good, it used to feel right

But these questions without answers are making me uptight

We’re turning out to have some major points of contention

There’s more than just a couple things that you forgot to mention

©2016 JHJsongs.  All rights reserved.