Finally Catching On

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The Influence

I saw her today

Walking with him hand in hand

I saw the smile on her face

And it wasn’t at my command

Maybe love’s a game

But it’s gonna be a shame

If it ends too soon

If you have the influence

Tell her to try and make some sense of what she’s doing

And if you’re giving her advice

Please won’t you tell her to think twice about what she’s doing

I don’t like what she’s doing

She said she was mine

I thought she meant ‘til the end of time

Is she changing her mind?

Well, this won’t go down as a perfect crime

She said our love would last

But it’s ending all too fast

And I wanna slow down

I can’t help but feel that I’ve been used for a while

But I can’t help feeling that I can’t live without her smile

Falling off the pedestal

After we first met at the bar, there was nothing you could do wrong
I had captured a movie star: the perfect woman had come along
But when the rose-colored glasses fell down to the floor
I caught myself wishing you were more

Like a flower that’s shed its petals
Like an athlete that’s lost his medals
You’re falling off the pedestal
That I once put you on
I put you on

Still I gave you a second chance to be a princess I adore
Giving you the benefit of the doubt…the rest I ignored
But when the stars fell from my eyes and hit the ground
I asked myself why you’re still around

Like a cake without any candles
Like the news missing the scandals
You’re falling off the pedestal
That I once put you on
The perfect girl is gone

Well maybe you’re the best I’ll ever find
And though I’ve seen your flaws, oh maybe I don’t mind
So I’ll keep on giving you chances to be the one I love
While asking myself, “What am I thinking of”?

Captivate my heart

Shine, shine like the stars in the sky

I’m gazing into your eyes

A feeling I can’t let go

Lost in the charm of you

Lost in delight of you

Warm, warm as the autumn light

Your smile can make everything right

A feeling I won’t let go

Lost in the charm of you

Lost in delight of you

You’ve cast a spell of love on me                         

And I never want to be set free

You and I can make the world our own

You’ll never have to take it on alone

You captivate my heart

Smooth, smooth as a velvet gown

Your touch always settles me down

A feeling I’m glad to know

Wrapped in the joy of you

Wrapped in the wonder of you

Soft, soft as a gentle breeze

Your kiss brings me down on my knees

Praying you’ll never go

Wrapped in the joy of you

Wrapped in the wonder of you

There’s love and magic in the air                                                

It’s something you and I can share

I’ll be standing by your side

Your love will always be my guide

Now I’m not afraid to confide

You captivate my heart

I know it seems like making passion last is an uphill battle

But we can win this war forever

I promise you can always count on me

If you take this chance on love

Together we can stand through the good times and the bad

Together we can last through the happy and the sad

And I don’t want to live wondering what we could have had

She’s not in your league

I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve to ask me

Why I’m spending time with her

You gave up any right you ever had to question

I won’t go back to the way things were

It’s been a blessing in disguise

I’ve found an angel in her eyes

She’s got that soothing smile

She’s got that gentle kiss

She’s hot!

Well I never thought with you I’d ever have suspicions

But when I did I had to act

I hoped and I prayed it was only my imagination

But all those rumors became fact

Now I know where I went wrong

I finally found where I belong

She’s got that soothing smile

She’s got that gentle kiss

She’s hot!

Now she has lots of mystery

And a fair amount of intrigue

But when it comes to devious

She’s not in your league

Before you leave there’s one thing that I gotta know

Why’d you bother to track me down?

It’s not as if you don’t have other options

How’d you end up in this town?

Wait a minute, wait a minute, don’t even answer

I wouldn’t believe you anyway

I guess it’s hard for me to break old habits

I’m still learning not to listen to what you say

When I’m with her I can be strong

I wish she’d been there all along

She’s got that fresh-faced smile

She’s got that sweet, sweet kiss

She’s hot!

Just in case I’ve left it unclear

I won’t shed a single tear

When you’re gone, long gone

She’s got that loving smile

She’s got that passionate kiss

She’s hot!


I am just an object, floating in your multi-color world

I am just an icon, moving in the background to and fro

I am just a process, acting like I’m working on my own

I am just a service, giving out for nothing in return

And you will never know, ‘cause I will never show

Unless you pull the camouflage off me

Know me from the scenery

You’ll stare and wonder where I’ve been

Establish my identity, my individuality

Compare, I won’t ask again

Unfair, I know you’ll always win

Following the footsteps, in pursuit and never far behind

Leaving only traces, barely visible to naked eyes

Lurking in the shadows, the desperation of the quiet life

Hiding in the darkness, longing for a single shining light

And you will never know, ’cause I will never show

Finally Catching On

She smiled at me and never looked away

With shining eyes a message to convey

I never dreamed I’d ever see the signs

So black and white to read between the lines

The time has come to act without delay

I’ve got to stop myself from weighing

Every pro and con

Accepting false conclusions drawn

No more waiting ‘til the chance has gone

I’m finally catching on

Opportunity has loudly knocked

I can’t believe the door’s been left unlocked

They say that hesitation makes you lost

Too much precaution is not worth the cost

Sometimes I let my head get in the way

I’ve got to stop deliberating

Oh she, she’s turned to me

I’ll never know the how or the why

And she, she’s made me see

I must step up to the plate

And give impulse a try

Then she reached and took me by the hand

And now I think I understand…

We learn from our mistakes, but leave the past behind

We move on, but keep an open mind, too

I’ll focus on my hope and overwhelm the fear

And make all my doubt disappear

For every pro and con

I’m rejecting the conclusions drawn,

And I’m not waiting ‘til the chance has gone

I’m finally catching on

Objections have been all withdrawn

I’m finally catching on

Method in his madness

So you think this time he’s changed

Convinced that there’s no need to be estranged

You’ll only have yourself to blame

The method in his madness stays the same

He cries, he lies, he’ll make it up to you somehow

He pleads, he needs, he tells you things are different now

He swears, repairs, he says it like a solemn vow

For as long as you allow

Please believe me, I’m only here to help you

Turn around, turn around

I see it clearly, he has just confused you

Turn around, turn around

Or he’ll love and break your heart

Don’t forget the good old days

The times he said “Let’s go our separate ways”

Why give him the right to reclaim

When the method in his madness stays the same

He wines, he dines, he fills the air with old romance

He jokes, he strokes, he waits to make the last advance

He kneels, appeals, he says he wants just one more chance

It’s the same old song and dance

I could take you, I could hold you

I could kiss you, I could love you

I’d never leave you

Don’t let him try again

Not again

Not again

Or he’ll love and break your heart

Another roll, another deal

Another spin to play your fortune wheel

It’s up to you to end this game

Cause the method in his madness

The method in his madness stays the same

It stays the same

It’s still the same

The good songs

Whatever happened to the good songs?

The ones we’d play all night

Whatever happened to the good songs?

With harmonies so tight

I’ve searched up and down on the radio dial

But I can’t find a tune that I would call worthwhile

Please tell me where to find the good songs

And I’ll feel alright

It’s been so quiet since she left for good

She said she’d done everything that she could

I took for granted that she’d always be there

Never stopped to think that I’d been unfair

I worked all day and I hung out all night

Went out of mind ‘cause I was out of her sight

She said she didn’t want to live that way

I had no words to convince her to stay

I need some help to make these blues go away

Whatever happened to the good songs?

With words we knew by heart

Whatever happened to the good songs?

We’d memorize each part

I’ve sampled the tracks at the online store

But from top selling acts, I was expecting more

Please tell me how to find the good songs

And where to start

I don’t want to play a game or video

And I don’t want just a ringtone

Music and lyrics that know how to move me

I want them on my phone, so I can

Take my mind off of all I have lost

I might have changed things if I’d known the cost

But I can’t blame her for taking that stance

I realize that I had my last chance

I need some help to find a new romance

Whatever happened to the good songs?

With timeless melodies

Whatever happened to the good songs?

We’d cover with guitar or keys

I’m longing for sounds that are fresh and vital

Nothing like the crap that’s on “American Idol”

Oh tell me where to find the good songs

Help me, please

Eyes on my soul

So many nights, a single dream

After you had fallen prey to his scheme

You would slowly grow disenchanted

And realize he’s taking you for granted

To my surprise, that dream came true

So I planned to make a grand debut

I set out to win your trust and respect

Nothing less than you’ve a right to expect

When the night grew still and you turned to me

I was struck by the wonder, such compelling intensity

You made me feel like a leading man

When yours was the starring role

It was a case of sheer exhilaration

Above my original goal

There was a love beyond command

And a passion beyond control

When you looked at me

I felt your eyes on my soul

When our choices took us far apart

I stored the feelings in the back of my heart

Years passed, and I began to question

Was it more than just a permanent impression?

Then the answer came quite by chance

Brought together by the circumstance

All I’d hoped for was some lingering affection

Would there be any trace of our connection?

Then the music stopped, and I met your gaze

Instantly it hit me, and my senses were all ablaze

Oh I think you really know me

Oh I think you understand me

I don’t have to say a single word

You see me as I really am

Though our destinies have made us friends

You’ll always have this power that transcends

I’m looking forward to seeing you again

It won’t matter how long it’s been

If the shoe fits

I don’t know what it was that made me take a chance on you

Could have been the little things that led me to follow through

So I opened my lonely heart and hoped a simple dream could come true

But fools never see it coming

They’re easy victims of a narrow view

If the shoe fits, wear it

Don’t tell me more lies, don’t fake it

You know the truth hurts, I’m better off alone

Well if the shoe fits, wear it

Don’t think that I will understand it

Just say your goodbyes, I’ll make it on my own

I’m on my own

Oh, if I had only known

When you left in the early dawn, and came back late every night

I was living in darkness, didn’t know if I should reach for the light

You said all the right words, I guess that’s just being polite

But fools have a problem listening

They only hear it if it sounds alright

You know that it’s inevitable

You know you’ll have to pay for the crime

Soon you’re gonna be out of excuses

The end of the line is just a matter of time

I don’t know what it was that made me take a chance on you

I should have noticed the big things, and I never should have followed through

So I’m mending my broken heart and waiting ‘til I’m over you

But fools never learn their lesson

They think it’s different when it’s someone new

Sadly mistaken

I remember when I called your name

And you seemed so excited

Nothing else has ever felt the same

Since our passion ignited

But there’s a distance that’s greater than miles

And you’re driving us further apart

As if you planned it right from the start

If you don’t think I know

You’re sadly mistaken

It came as quite a blow

When my heart was forsaken

I haven’t let it show

But I’m learning to let go

I remember when I heard your voice

And the fire blazed inside me

Never thought I’d have to make a choice

I let the flames burn so brightly

But there’s a chasm growing far and wide

And I can’t find a bridge I can cross

Is our love an acceptable loss?

I know I shouldn’t care, and I may never understand

But I want to, I still want you

Was it something that I did, or simply not the right time?

I hope you have something to say

Before we’re finished with turning away

Won’t leave them Behind

I knew this day would come

But I won’t feel so lonesome

I’ll be keeping you in mind

Don’t need a souvenir

The times we’ve shared I will hold dear

I’ll always have them to remind

I don’t know if we’ll meet again

But if we do, I’ll remember when

And I won’t have regret

‘Cause visions of you I can’t forget

I won’t leave them behind

I’ve traveled so many roads

Passing through so many zip codes

Always wondering what I’ll find

I don’t worry whether I belong

‘Cause I never stay in one place for too long

I’m not easily confined

Please don’t think that I’m afraid to care

I’ll cherish you everyplace, everywhere

I haven’t learned to settle down

But I’ll always keep the memories around

I won’t leave them behind