Tilting At Windmills

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Making Plans

Well, hello there, now where do you think you’re going?

I haven’t been gone long enough to be forgotten, and I’ve got something to say

I had freedom; I’d come and go as I pleased, yeah

But every time that I stared into my empty glass, I’d only reflect on you

We’d been down a long, long road

The twists and turns had turned me ’round, and served to confound any moments of clarity

(So) I was certain, to leave was my only option

I never thought it would alter my perspective, with just a change of scenery

I was searchin’, hoping to find a direction

But north and south and east and west were all the same, they led me back to you

The seeds had long been sown

I had no choice but to cultivate, at an increased rate, the place inside my heart where your love grows

My love for you has no rhymes and no reasons

It endures through the changes of the seasons

And I’m out of excuses for not making plans with you

It’s been a long, long road

But it finally got me here to stay, I’m not going away

And now I’ve got my heart out on my sleeve

I understand that you have doubts

But understand our love is in my words and in my deeds

In my hopes and in my dreams

In my thoughts each night and day, yeah


No more excuses, I wanna making plans with you

I’m looking ahead, I’m looking ahead

I’ll find a job, make a good living

Buy a house, you can move in

I’ll follow through on the plans that I make with you, yeah

Coming from me, it may seem scary

But you’re the girl that I wanna marry

Let’s make plans!

Down to Your Level

You search and

You discover

Who can take the blame



Victims of your frame

There’s no way out (no way out)

So easy to lure them in

The only thing that sticks to you is your story

Yes I think I’ve learned that lesson

And it’s something I’ll never do

I won’t rise up by sinking down to your level

You won’t prevail ‘cause you’ve made a pact with the devil

You cut and

You copy

And then you delete

They’re trusting

So unwitting

Mission complete

You “prove your worth” (prove your worth)

Giving birth to their ideas

Sit back and watch while they take the path to ruin

Fast-track to their demise

Purge the truth and spread the lies, and more lies

I won’t rise up by sinking down to your level

I won’t lose sleep ‘cause I know the source of your revel

How firm is your foundation?

You’ll step in cracks

The faults of your design

It won’t take long ‘til they see you

Cover your tracks

While you toe the line

They won’t be far behind

Reputation gone

But you’ll keep holding on, holding on

You won’t come back, you’ll be staying down at your level

You won’t have time, ‘cause you’ll have a date with the devil

And I’ll move up (standing up, rising up, moving up, moving out)

And I’ll step up (lifting up, pushing up, stepping up, stepping out)

I’ll be talking smack ‘cause I never sank to your level,

I’ll be riding high, and I’ll have a reason to revel!

The Best Thing I’ve Never Done

From the day we met, sparks have flown in the air

They could light the fire inside

But I won’t let them, no I won’t let them

I can tell by the touch of your words, and the smile in your eyes

You’d set everything aside

But I won’t let you, I can’t let you

I’m not a stranger to a one night stand, but

I know that guy…he won’t understand

After time for some careful reflection

I’ll steer my heart in a different direction

Please don’t take offense…your charm is second-to-none

Well I’m a long way from earning salvation

But I won’t give in to temptation

It’s never felt so right to end what hasn’t begun

It’s the best thing I’ve never done

There are times when it’s best to say what’s on your mind

But this one should be kept to yourself

Please don’t tell him, no please don’t tell him

I remember when he heard the same words from a truer love

There was nothing else he could think of

So please don’t say them, you must not say them

It took a very long time for him to try again

You know your best bet is with a man you can win, cause

After time for some careful reflection

I’ll steer my heart in a different direction

Please don’t take offense…your charm is second-to-none

Well I’m a long way from earning salvation

But I won’t give in to temptation

It’s never felt so right to end what hasn’t begun

When the grass seems greener on the other side

And your sunshine has turned to rain

Take a step back

Make sure you’re on the right track

Before you board another train

I know it’s hard to believe this is coming from me

I can hardly believe it myself

But I’ll do the right thing

This time I’ll do the right thing

After time for some careful reflection

I’ll steer my heart in a different direction

Please don’t take offense…your charm is second-to-none

Well I’m a long way from earning salvation

But I won’t give in to temptation

It’s never felt so right to end what hasn’t begun

It’s the best thing I’ve never done


It’s the best thing I’ve never done


It’s the best thing I’ve never done

(The best thing, the best thing, ooh)

(The best thing, the best thing, the best thing)

It’s the best thing I’ve never done


Natalie stops by the Starbucks and orders a tall latte

She’s wearing a hat and sunglasses, but that smile gives her away

She has to face that she’s recognized every day

She fills up the gas tank and drives downtown to her favorite gym

Aerobics, some light weights and dance class, and sometimes a quick swim

I pretend that she does it all for me

I know if I try to approach her, she’ll start to flee

I feel so confused about Natalie

I kneel when I’m refused by Natalie

But just before my hope is gone

She turns around and turns me on

Conceals and carries my heart away casually

It seems like each month there’s a new man, but they never stay too long

Too pretty, too stubborn, demanding…there’s always something wrong

No one knows more than I do about what she needs

A man of words and some pictures, not one of deeds

I’m going out of my head to get inside her mind

If I had a clue, I’d leave her mystery behind

I’d heal if I’d forget about Natalie

I’d steal my heart away from Natalie

But just before my hope is gone

She turns around and she turns me on

For real, I can’t escape from Natalie

Another Man

The night is young, the champagne is bubbling, here’s to the long view

The room’s aglow; the candles are flickering, on and off

As we talk, we reminisce of good old days, sublime, to pass the time

But as we dance, your eyes cannot meet my gaze, head held down

Another man might stay the course, another man might fight remorse

Another man might accept this decree

Another man might persevere for year after year, but not me

The meal is served, but I cannot taste it, no flavor to savor

Another glass, I don’t want to waste it, I need to wash it down

Another man might be denied, another man might swallow pride

Another man might remain a devotee

Another man might find a way to deal day-to-day, but not me

Yes, another man may be just what you need

Another man well-equipped to succeed

Who never complains when he hands you the reins

And is more than obliged to concede

Another man might stand a chance if that other man won’t take a stance

His simple plan is to wait endlessly

But I doubt a man can last that long

He will see that he’s been wrong like me, just like me

The night is old, lights out and voices fade

Still, so still

You Forgot to Mention

First I saw your silhouette, rounded curves of beauty

Then you stepped out of the shadows and the picture filled in nicely

I’d never been a believer in love at first sight

But you took my little spark and turned it into white light

You made me feel good, you made me feel right

You made me wanna be with you each and every night

So now that you have captured me and got my full attention

I’m noticing some little things that you forgot to mention

Tell me why you always carry ‘round that not-so-very-smartphone

And you always have to pick it up, even when the caller’s unknown

I know that jobs today are more than nine-to-five

But you always have it on, like you need it to just stay alive

I make you feel good, I make you feel right

So why can’t you turn it off when you’re with me at night

I’m certain that it’s nothing that’s beyond my comprehension

It’s probably just a little thing that you forgot to mention

Our dates are always restaurants, never long strolls in the park

You wear some glasses and a hat, and we always meet after dark

It’s as if you want to dress up in disguise

And I wonder why you’re always gone well before sunrise

You make me feel good, you make me feel right

So why can’t you be seen with me in broad daylight?

It fills me up with anger and a large amount of tension

Blame it on this little thing that you forgot to mention

I’m not the kind of man who questions a good thing

To scrutinize and nitpick causes my hands to wring

But before we can proceed, I think I’m gonna need the explanations why

So I know that we see eye to eye

How much longer will you put me off, I’m running out of patience

And lately I’ve been losing sleep, guided by my conscience

A simple conversation could go either way

And judging by your actions, I have no idea what you’ll say

It used to feel good, it used to feel right

But these questions without answers are making me uptight

We’re turning out to have some major points of contention

There’s more than just a couple things that you forgot to mention

Double Shame

I know I need to calm down, I know

I have no right to place all of the blame on you, I know

You never made the promises

That I still believed would be kept

It’s just making everything harder for me to accept

The first time I thought it was a momentary lapse

The second time I walked away

Now I could kick myself for giving you a third chance

A double shame, a double shame on me

This can’t be called infidelity, I know

You can’t be held to implied expectations, I know, I know

You never looked me in the eye

That should have been my first clue

I wish it would’ve been the last thing I’d misconstrue

No one else has a conscience so clear, no guilt to set aside

What does it matter if I’m left without an ounce of my pride?

Now I’ve been told that you live and learn

Don’t make the same mistake

Well I guess it’s true that I can be hardheaded

I believed in you

Constant Variable

Through the light of day from the face of the distant sun

You can’t be outdone

And in the deepest night when the stars are sprinkled across the sky

You are my beam of light

You’re my constant variable

From the mountains high to the valley stretching out below

You set them all aglow

And as the oceans wide reach out, hoping to embrace the land

I wait for your hand

You’re my constant variable

Free to love and free to grow

Free to come and free to go

Still unbound by desire to know

And through the course of life

From the cradle into the rocking chair

I know that you’ll be there, everywhere

Tip the Balance

Staring out at the sky

Wondering if you even recognize you can mesmerize

And keep a man holding on

So I’m keeping my head held high

Even when you’ve held me hostage in the friend zone

I’ll search until I make my great escape

What more can I do?  What more can I say? (To gain acceptance, to break your silence)

How far must I go to open your heart? (To end the distance and tip the balance)

Looking up at dark clouds

They keep looming over me so ominously

Still I hope they’ll pass me by

Yes, I’m trying not to read the signs

They’d tell me that loving you is a hopeless case

Denied, but not ready to give up

I need more strength to tear down these walls (Your reluctance, your resistance)

I can’t find the key to unlock your heart (I need some guidance to tip the balance)

They always say that patience is a virtue, but I’ve learned

What you take too long to know can really hurt you

I’m down, but I’m not out for the count

If I walked away, would you feel a twinge of regret or even doubt?

Could that lead to love?

Is that the way to your love?

Done all I can do, said all I can say(To gain acceptance, to break your silence)

Gone as far as I can to open your heart (To end the distance and tip the balance)

It’s all up to you to take the next step (Need your assistance)

And tip the balance to love

Take That Back

You could have said “we’re incompatible, and we’re better off friends” or

“Our differences are irreconcilable, no way to make amends” or

“We realized we want bigger and better things, and that’ll never change” or

“We were afraid of what the future brings, together at close range”

I’d agree that all of the above were true

What possessed you to say that no man should cheat on you?

Oh, you’d better take that back

You should’ve left me the way you found me

You’d better take that back

You’d better issue an apology

I saw the news; you’re out on the town with him, they act so surprised

You like to schmooze and indulge your every whim, though ill-advised

A shot of you can be very hard to find where you don’t flaunt that smile

Your worldly view is a narrow frame of mind when you “assert that style”

That’s OK; I expect nothing less from you

But how could you say infidelity comes out of the blue?

There’s no such thing as embarrassing moments

There’s no such thing as bad publicity

For as long as you think their attention’s on you

I can deal with the short-term aggravation

But I’m warning you, restore my reputation

The Daydream

Let the sun rise and shine all over me

Let the blue skies be clear eventually

Let the birdsong cause an echo in my soul

And fill the hole that formed at losing you

May the cool breeze blow lightly through my hair

May the tall trees cast shadows here to there

May the wild stream babble on and on

As the daydream sneaks up and comes upon

It’s a fresh start; the past is in the past

It’s a huge part; this time I make it last

With renewed heart, I hold fast to all that I believe is true

And that’s including you

It’s a fresh start; no living in the past

It’s a huge part; with every chance to last

With renewed heart, I stand fast for all that I believe is true

And that’s including you, at the front of the queue

I’m trying something new

My Plus One

That face you wear tonight is as solemn as the grave

I can tell that I won’t have a chance to joke or misbehave

You’ve come with your agenda – I’m action item one

You’re braced to make a full retreat – prepared to cut and run

In the short time we’ve been hanging out, you’ve been hanging in

I know you have a lot to say, but where will you begin

Even in the silence I can hear anxiety

You’re sure of what you think you want, but not so sure of me


I know you’re filled with apprehension that I can’t mollify

Any words of comfort I’d have to qualify

But to be friends without the benefits would sacrifice the fun

So I hope that you’ll become my plus one

Slow!  Proceed With Caution!  I know your history

Your past is full of strangers posing as men of mystery

It’s natural hesitation:  I haven’t earned your trust

I won’t make any guarantees – I hope you can adjust

Please don’t throw in the towel and leave me high and dry

I know that I can make you laugh, hard enough to cry

For now we’ll have a good time – that’s all that I can do

I promise I won’t promise things, until I’m sure they’re true


I know that fear is hard to overcome when you’ve been burned before

And there’s no way for us to know what’s in store

But to be friends without the benefits would sacrifice the fun

So I hope that you’ll become my plus one



I know you struggle with uncertainty that I can’t reassure

To say that we can last a lifetime is premature

But to be friends without the benefits would sacrifice the fun

So I hope that you’ll become my plus one